SIMON MULQUEEN Funeral Director

Funerals to Celebrate Life

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Although new in terms of the business itself , Simon Mulqueen has been assisting Bendigo Families with funeral arrangements for much of his life and continues a family tradition spaning 5 generations. With over 30 years personal experience in the Funeral Industry and 26 of those years in Bendigo, Simon is Bendigo’s most experienced Funeral Director. Simon’s wife Susan has also had a number of years experience working with him in the Funeral Industry.

The aim of our business is simple - to provide quality service, with a focus on Personal Attention and Reasonable Prices. We will strive to assist Bendigo Families at a time when they are looking for guidance and support from Funeral Directors who know what they are doing and who care about their client family’s needs.

Although we are Funeral Director’s we are also normal people just like you, we have a young family, we attend school functions and children’s sport, we also experience the trials, tribulations and pressures associated with daily life, and we suffer the loss of loved ones just like you. Therefore we are able to understand your loss and are in a position to help you through the many elements required in planning a Funeral Service.

It is our view that Funerals are individual and should focus on the Celebration of Life. Many aspects of the funeral can be designed to reflect the meaningful elements of the lives of those we have lost.

Simon is also one of Victoria’s most experienced Pre-paid Funeral experts having specialised in this field for over 25 years, developing a pre-paid system that was largely the model adopted by the Victorian Government in 1993 as the legislative requirement for Victoria.

We are a family business wholly owned and operated by Simon and Susan Mulqueen and we are committed to Professional Funeral-Care for the Bendigo Community.