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Simon Mulqueen – Life as a Funeral Director

Simon Mulqueen

Simon Mulqueen
Managing Director
(5th Generation Funeral Director)

Simon Mulqueen is a fifth generation funeral director with more than 35 years of experience in the industry.

Living next door to the family funeral home and helping his father in the business from the early age of 13, Simon soon developed a love of both the industry and his forefathers’ commitment to it.

In 1980, at the age of 16, Simon began his full time career in the family business (the 5th generation of his family to do so) under the guidance of his father, Peter, whom he worked alongside for almost 20 years.

In 1996 Simon was appointed General Manager of the Mulqueen Family Funerals and following the death of his father in 1999, Simon became a partner and the Managing Director of the business.

In 2006 and after 26 years of involvement in the family business, Simon acquired the Ballarat-based funeral company F.W. Barnes & Son.

Although after this time their main focus was the business in Ballarat, Simon and his wife Susan, and their young family continued living in Bendigo where Simon has always had a strong community involvement with organisations including the Bendigo Easter Fair Society and Marong Racing Club.

Simon’s wife, Susan Mulqueen was a well-known regional television identity, best known for her co-host role on the BCV8 (now Southern Cross) children’s program ‘Surprise Surprise’ which ran from 1985-1992.

Today, Susan is actively involved in the school and sporting lives of the couple’s four children and provides support to Simon and the children in their day-to-day family, and working lives.

Simon has decided to recommence providing funeral services to the Bendigo community where he is known for his contribution to the funeral services industry. Simon, with the support of his wife Susan, wishes to provide a superior standard of funeral service which the Bendigo community not only expects, but deserves.