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Newspaper / Verses

Adult Verses

'You had a smile for everyone
You had a heart of gold
You left the sweetest memories
This world could ever hold.'

'A thousand words won't
bring you back
I know, because I've tried
and neither will a million tears,
I know because I've cried.'

'I have a memory in my heart
that time can never touch
your loving care throughout the years
when I was growing up.'

'A happy smile, a heart of gold,
You were the best this world could hold.'

'He potters no more in the garden
He strolls no more down the path,
But the years we had together,
Will live forever in our hearts.'

'For those who have an Uncle,
love him while you can.
Because I would give the world
and more to have mine back again.'

'You've always found the time for me,
And had an ear to lend,
And so these words are just to say
I'm proud you were my friend.'

'We thought you were happy,
We must have been blind,
We knew you were suffering
but we didn't know your mind.'

'To hear your voice, to see your smile,
To sit and talk with you awhile.
To be together again in the same old way,
would be my only wish today.'

Children's Verses

'A tiny little moon beam that
danced inside our hearts,
A little life has been taken before
it even starts.'

'We are left with only memories now,
that we will always treasure.
Our darling little
that we will love forever.'

'Our little angel in heaven.'

'To the world he/she was but one, to us he/she was the world.'